First Weekly Summer Blog… YAY!

Hello Little Listeners! It is that time again… SUMMER! For those of you who do not know, summer is our favorite time of the year here at Little Listeners. We make sure that summers are just as fun in the clinic as they are outside playing at the pool. To make this dream a reality, we have come up with different themes and arts and crafts for each week along with competitions! We encourage everyone to participate with the themes which could mean coming to therapy dressed up or ready to make a craft. Additionally, we will be holding competitions inside and outside of the clinic.

Our first week of summer, May 28th through the 31st will be School’s Out Week! We will be celebrating completing an awesome school year all week with some fun handouts.

June 3rd through the 7th will be Super Hear-O Week! Little Listener employees will be dressing up in their favorite super hero t-shirts, and we hope you will do the same! We also love when our friends come dressed up in full costumes, so sky is the limit!

June 10th through the 14th will be Space Week! We believe Little Listeners is ~out of this world~ and hope you do too. We will be decorating the office like outer space so come ready to do some arts and crafts with us to complete the look!

June 17th through the 21st will be Disney – Pixar Week because Little Listeners is the Happiest Place on Earth! Just like Super Hear-O Week, we will be dressing up in our favorite Disney gear so feel free to wear some fun accessories or dress up in your favorite character’s costume!

The last week of June, we will be gearing up for the 4th of July with Beach Week! This week is extra special because it is also Ms. Karen’s birthday week! For this week, we would love for everyone to come dressed up ready for the beach in their favorite sunglasses, flip-flops, and goggles. We will also be having a birthday party on Friday so get ready for some of Ms. Karen’s favorite treats!

Because of the 4th of July being such a fun and travel filled holiday, the office will be closed from July 1st to July 5th. Little Listeners will re-open on July 8th. (This is correct. Right?)

Once we are all back from having our Independence Day fun, we will be celebrating the 70’s by getting groovy from the 8th through the 12th of July. Feel free to come dressed up in your favorite tie dye and bell bottoms. We will also be doing a fun craft to recreate the 70’s vibes!

July 15th through the 19th is another very special week because it is Ms. Dawn’s birthday week! To celebrate her, we will fill the office with all of Ms. Dawn’s favorite things like sports, ice cream, and coffee. Come to therapy representing your favorite team and there might be an ice cream sundae waiting for you on Thursday for Ms. Dawn’s birthday party! Also, according to Ms. Lindsey, Monday, July 15th is a national holiday because it is COW APPRECIATION DAY! Everyone at Little Listeners will be dressing up as cows so come join in on the fun!

July 22nd through the 26th will be Safari Week since we are constantly on the lookout for the best Little Listener! We will be decorating the office like a jungle so come ready to create an animal face that might appear in the midst of the jungle.

July 29th through August 2nd will be Going Back to School Week for our kiddos and for Ms. Lindsey! We will be celebrating with pencil pouches filled with all sorts of goodies and all of Ms. Lindsey’s favorite things from ear wax to strawberries. We cannot wait to have you come celebrate with us!

To add a few more fun things into the summer madness, Little Listeners will be having some competitions inside and outside of the office! Weekly, there will be a competition to see who gets the highest number of Super Right On’s while completing their Interactive Metronome. For our kiddos outside of the office, we will also be counting to see who completes the most days of Interactive Metronome Home. Finally, we will also be checking who does the most days of HearBuilder over the summer. The HearBuilder competition is for our friends who come to any office or are home based clients. There will be special prizes for the top users so make sure to get your Interactive Metronome and HearBuilder scores up! All of these competitions will begin on Tuesday, May 28th and end on Friday, July 26th. The winners will be announced on Monday, July 29th! We cannot wait to see all of the amazing goals you all will accomplish!

Little Listeners is also very excited to introduce a new face around the office. Ms. Karen has been a vital member of the Little Listeners team since October of 2018. She has been helping out with therapies and office management tasks while getting ready to take over an even bigger role – Audiology Assistant! Ms. Lindsey will be leaving us at the end of the summer so she will be passing the swing (haha, get it?) to Ms. Karen! Karen has years of experience as an educator and months of experience at Little Listeners. She has proven to be awesome with our kiddos and know that she will be more than ready to dive in this summer for all the fun we have planned!

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