Super Hear-O Week Blog

Who are our super hear-os? Habits to keep up over the summer to make sure your ears and
progress stay in super hear-o shape?

Hello Little Listeners! We are so excited that it is finally summer time! This means it if
officially time for participating in our fun summer themes, competing in our HearBuilder, IM
Home, and IM SRO Competitions, hanging out at the pool, going on vacation, and most
importantly – having fun! This week is Super Hear-O week because we encourage all of our
Little Listeners to listen like Super Hear-O’s! With all this being said though, we have to
remember to keep up our good habits to keep our ears, listening, and progress in Super Hear-O shape!

Keeping our ears in Super Hear-O shape can be done in many ways. First, it is important
to make sure all that pool or lake water comes out of your ears after going swimming. When
water gets trapped in the ear, it is easy for an ear infection to form. To accomplish this, try
putting a little bit of rubbing alcohol in your ears after you get out of the lake or pool. The
rubbing alcohol will help this water evaporate along with possibilities of an ear infection!

To keep your listening in Super Hear-O shape, make sure you are keeping up with your
appointments in the clinic and HearBuilder. HearBuilder is such an amazing tool because it helps keep all the skills we work on in therapy in tip-top shape! By working on Auditory Memory, Phonological Awareness, Sequencing, and Following Directions, you can make sure that everything you worked on in the clinic does not fade away in the summer sun.

Progressing over the summer is also very important! Putting in a ton of work
during the school year is great, but we cannot let all that hard work get erased during the
fun summer months. To keep your progress on track, make sure you are keeping up with
your reassessment appointments here in the clinic. Also, keep working on skills you
learned in the classroom during the school year. This could mean working on math facts,
going over spelling lists, or reviewing science lessons. While this might seem like not the
most fun summer activity, you could incorporate this in games outside or car trips. For
example, try replacing five or ten minutes of “device time” with review from school. We
think you will definitely be happy you did once you get back in the classroom this fall.

To keep this summer theme fun going, next will be Space Week because Little
Listeners Is Out of This World! We hope everyone comes to therapy dressed up in their
favorite spacey outfits. Also get ready to decorate your very own star and hang it in the
lobby! Make sure you are keeping up with the white board to see any future
announcements like winners of the weekly IM SRO Competition. If you ever find
yourself forgetting what the theme is currently or in the future, please reference the
previous blog which outlines all the fun we will be having this summer OR our Instagram
and Facebook accounts. We want everyone to be well informed so we can all have fun
together this summer!

Well that’s all for now Little Listeners! We hope everyone keeps enjoying Super
Hear-O Week and is getting ready for Space Week!

Little Listeners

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