Autism Spectrum Disorder Month

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) refers to a broad range of conditions
characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal
communication, according to In 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) increased the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder by 15% to 1 in 59
children. While autism is considered common now days, it is important to remember that there is not one type of autism, but many subtypes. This is why autism is referred to as a spectrum disorder. Each person with autism has a distinct set of strengths and challenges.

The ways in which people with autism learn, think, and problem-solve can range greatly. Some people with ASD may require significant support in their daily lives, while others may need less support and, in some cases, live entirely independently. When considering the different needs of people with autism, it can be hard to know which direction to go in terms of intervention and support. Early intervention is recommended for all people with ASD since it can improve learning, communication and social skills, and brain development. However, where to go from there can often lead to uncertainty. Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech therapy, and Occupational therapy are often great options to pursue. One tool we use here at Little Listeners with our friends who have an autism diagnosis is Integrated Listening Systems (ILs). ILs integrates music, movement and language exercises for the purpose of improving brain function. ILs trains brain and body integration skills through a staged approach, starting with the fundamentals of sensory integration and then extending through more complex cognitive functions, including language, self-expression and social skills. Recently, Little Listeners has looked into numerous ILs case studies and found that the ILs protocols used by patients resulted in less aggressive behavior, staying on task at school, decreased anxiety, improvements in sleep, less rigid behaviors, better conversational skills, and many other positive behavioral changes. If Integrated Listening Systems might be something your child could benefit from, we strongly encourage you to contact us or check out their website.

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, we wanted to take the time to educate and
encourage all of our Little Listeners and their families. Since the prevalence of autism in the
United States is 1 in 59, we must know important facts about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since 2014, research has led to many new conclusions about ASD such as the shrinking gender gap in autism. The prevalence of boys diagnosed used to be four times more likely than girls (1 in 37 versus 1 in 151) which has decreased by 0.5%. While this might seem like a small number, it is important to note that more girls are now receiving this diagnosis which means they can now access the intervention and services they need. Another important finding is that rates of autism vary drastically from state to state. Researchers believe this is due to access of education records and developing research of Autism Spectrum Disorder within states.

Little Listeners wanted to summarize 6 quick AUTISM facts to make sure everyone can
know as much as they can during this special month and the rest of the year:

A: A kid with Autism looks just like you and me; Autism just changes the way their brain works.

U: A kid Usually has autism from the time they are born.

T: You can learn a lot of cool Things from a kid with autism just as They can learn from

I: The most Important thing to remember is that kids with autism are just kids like you and me

S: A kid with autism enjoys the Same things as me and you like playing, music,
birthdays, etc.

M: Kids with autism like having and Making new friends!

Well that’s all for now Little Listeners! If you have any questions about any of the
information in this blog, feel free to ask us or check out some of the websites listed below!


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