Happy New Year!

Happy 2019 Little Listeners! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year. While enjoying some much-needed time off, we could not be happier to get back to work and see all of our friends! We have a couple of announcements as well as some New Year’s “To Dos” that we want to share and hope to challenge everyone to accomplish with us in the upcoming months!

             Before we look at the things on our “To Do” list let’s give a major shout out to our top three users in our holiday INTERACTIVE METRONOME HOME and the HEARBUILDER Competitions. We saw an incredible increase in usage during the holidays, and we hope to keep seeing this throughout the year. As some of you may remember, we had similar competitions over the summer. The highest usage we saw during the three months of the summer competition was 19 days, however; over this recent holiday competition, the highest amount of usage was 21 days! It is remarkable that we had our Little Listeners practice more in one month than we did over the entire three summer months. This is a testament to everyone’s dedication and hard work!

            Now let’s look at how we can keep challenging ourselves during 2019:

To Do #1:  We want to encourage you to keep using your HearBuilder and Interactive Metronome Home units throughout the remainder of the school year so you can complete your training goals!  

To Do #2:  We want our kiddos to continue to bring their awesome attitude to therapy, so we can keep having fun while accomplishing therapy goals.

To Do #3:  We want to focus on healthy eating and keeping active.  As some of you may remember from last summer, we had a blog post about eating right and getting plenty of exercise. Now that the holidays are over, we hope everyone gets back on track with eating healthy, staying active and drinking plenty of water.

To Do #4:  We want our Little Listeners to keep working hard in school.  Continue to stay dedicated to your school work and homework, get plenty of sleep during the weekdays, enjoy the awesome extracurricular activities you are involved with and spend some time relaxing on the weekend!

To Do #5: Limit screen time/take a break from technology. Another blog post from this summer was about the proper amount of screen time. While it can be difficult to limit screen time with homework, video games, and television, remember that too much time staring at a screen is not good for you! Here are some awesome tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics on how to limit screen time: turn off technology at least one hour prior to bedtime, have designated technology free zones in your home, limit screen time during meals, and increase time spent outdoors with family and friends.

We are excited to work together so we can all check off the items on our 2019 To Do List!!

One last important item to mention…

Little Listeners is pleased to welcome a new member to our team! Karen Wilson (Ms. Karen), started working with us this past fall, two days a week to help with administrative tasks. Throughout this spring, she will continue to help out in Ms. Kim’s office as well as train with Ms. Christa, Ms. Dawn and Ms. Lindsey to become a licensed Audiology Assistant to help administer therapy with our kiddos. We are confident that she will make a great addition to our team and cannot wait for all of you to see how awesome she is!

That’s all for now Little Listeners! 2018 was an incredible year for us, and we know 2019 will be even greater. We look forward to embarking on this adventure with you all.   

Little Listeners

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