A Valentine from Little Listeners!

As most of you know, the month of February is all about love. In the spirit of the season, we wanted to share what we love about Little Listeners and in return, what our clients love about this special place as well.

Little Listeners is well loved for many reasons, one of which is being one of a kind! We are the only facility in the state of Georgia that diagnoses and treats Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) all in one place.

Little Listeners holds a special place in Dr. Reeves’ heart. Dr. Christa started this company six years ago with the dream of being the go-to location for APD testing AND treatment. Clearly, she made this dream a reality. With a lot of hard work and the help of her staff, Little Listeners has become a place like no other. She also loves that she gets to work with some of her life long best friends – Dawn and Kim.

Ms. Dawn says she loves Little Listeners because she loves working with all her kiddos. To see their progress from the beginning of therapy to the finish is remarkable. Being a part of their hard work is rewarding for our staff of course, but seeing the kids be proud of themselves is the best. Ms. Dawn also loves getting creative with therapy and creating a fun and engaging place where kiddos want to work hard and accomplish goals.

Ms. Kim loves Little Listeners especially because she loves interacting with the kiddos and their families. When a family first calls Little Listeners, they usually talk to Ms. Kim. Also, when you enter Little Listeners, she is usually the first face you see. This has made it possible for her to build great relationships with the kids, but also their awesome families.

Ms. Lindsey has loved Little Listeners from the start and treasures all the experience she has gained here which will surely help her when she gets to graduate school in the fall. She has not only learned about Auditory Processing, but also how to work with patients and their families to help them accomplish their goals. Ms. Lindsey also loves the sweet surprises that often await her at the office, such as her super spooky room that was decorated for Halloween.

What makes Little Listeners special is not just that the staff loves the company, but even more that our kiddos love us right back. If you have ever walked around our office, you have probably seen the “graduation pictures” of some of our patients. On each picture, our graduates write what Little Listeners has helped them do. These answers range from improving their grades at school to being able to listen to loud noises without getting frustrated. While we all know that our patients love hanging out with Olly the most, it is heartwarming when they are excited to come back and get to work with us too.

Well that’s all for now Little Listeners. We hope everyone loves Little Listeners as much as we do and has a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Little Listeners

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