A Holiday Hooray!

This year Little Listeners has accomplished so many incredible things! From new staff members to our kiddos reaching new heights, 2018 was one for the books!

This summer we added a seasonal Audiology Assistant, Lindsey, who decided to stay with us through the school year. With her help, we started summer competitions seeing which Little Listener used HearBuilder and Interactive Metronome Home the most. It was so great seeing all of our friends accomplish their goals while receiving gift cards to awesome places. The summer competitions were definitely a success, and we are so excited to see how the holiday competitions go! From December 3rd to January 7th, we will be monitoring our kiddo who has the most usage with either the IM Home unit and/or HearBuilder program, so if you are a part of these competitions make sure to keep up the work to win those prizes!

Our kiddos winning competitions was not the only exciting thing going on in 2018. Our patients’ progress amazes us more and more every day. A few of our patients have really exceeded expectations! When our friend Tripp first came to us, he had significant goals to meet. At reassessment, he accomplished all of them! It was great to see him excited about not only accomplishing his goals but surpassing them. Teachers of our patients have also told us success story after success story. Seeing their progress pay off in the classroom is a goal we take seriously here at Little Listeners, and from what teachers have been telling us, we have not disappointed. One of our patients, Chase, was terrified of dogs when he first started coming here. By the end of his therapy sessions though, Chase and Olly were best friends! One of the best parts of the Little Listeners experience is hearing our patients tell us how much they have benefitted from our therapy whether that means making new furry friends, accomplishing their in-therapy goals, strengthening skills in the classroom, or having more confidence outside of therapy. Our friend Casler told us that Little Listeners not only helped her with her Dyslexia, but with life in general. It does not get much better than that!

As far as our staff goes, Dr. Reeves became an official GETA speaker this year. She will now be traveling to teach Educators about Auditory Processing Disorder. This education is much needed, so we are very excited that our very own Dr. Reeves will be helping meet this task. We also added an additional support staff member, Karen. She has been helping us around the office, and we cannot imagine what we would do without her. She is working to become an additional Audiology Assistant, so we will have an extra set of hands on deck!  We cannot wait to see where time with her takes us. 

As everyone already knows, Little Listeners goes all out for the holidays. This holiday season is no different. We will be celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas with lots of yummy treats and fun arts and crafts with our kiddos. Little Listeners will also be having tacky holiday week starting on December 10th and ending on December 14th. Come dressed up in your favorite tacky holiday sweater or dressed up as your favorite character from your favorite holiday movie. On December 17th and 19th, we will be wearing our holiday pajamas so feel free to come join our pajama party! Starting on December 20th, Little Listeners will be closed until we reopen on Monday, January 7th, 2019. 

When looking back on this past year, Little Listeners is so proud of all we have accomplished and so thankful we have gotten the opportunity to spend time with all of our special clients. We know 2019 will bring even more exciting and smile-worthy moments. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! 

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