Little Listener and Helix Audiology Partnership

Happy Holidays Little Listeners. This month let’s talk about our partner company Helix Audiology. Helix and Little Listeners have been partners since May. Both businesses fulfill important niches. Little Listeners provides therapy and APD assessments. Helix brings all the hearing aid support one could ever need. Helix Audiology focuses on a patient for life approach through concierge hearing aid services. Helix Audiology has been a helpful partner for Little Listeners because of the access to hearing aids to be used as a body worn FM system for patients that need extra help with their APD diagnosis. The hearing aids used alongside Little Listeners PASE program to ensure the best possible outcome for the patients. The special part of our partnership is that it is a mother and daughter team. Christa and Megan have a close bond that enables them to cooperate more fluidly than other partnerships.

Little Listeners

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