A Look Back At This Past Year And A Half

Now that it has been 18 months since the pandemic began, let’s look back at how Little Listeners has evolved to meet this challenge. Little Listeners has always had a focus on face-to-face care. It is partially a necessity as diagnostic tests can’t be run without the technology we have in office, and it is the most effective kind of care we can give. When the pandemic struck however, we knew changes had to be made fast. Both so that we could prevent the spread of the virus to our patients and so we could continue to provide the best care possible. First, we enacted a strict anti-virus policy for everyone coming into our office. This policy requires that masks are worn in the office, that we also check all our little listeners temperatures before starting any therapy sessions, and that we have everyone keep their hands clean with hand-washing/hand sanitizer. This policy does wonders for preventing the spread of Covid in the office, but it is far from the only changes we made. To reduce our reliance on in person care we have created multiple new options for performing our therapy at a distance. The best example of these programs is our new Teletherapy option. Teletherapy is where we conduct our therapy sessions over the phone each week. It comes with a bolstered Interactive Metronome and Hear Builder plan. This program allows for us to provide care for those who live too far away from the office to drive over twice each week and allow for our patients to get care while remaining quarantined. We are thankful for all of our little listeners who have stuck with us as we have grown and evolved. We are proud to say we have greatly improved our care over the past year despite the hardships. And, we are looking forward to continuing this growth in the years to come.

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