June Excitement!

Hello Little Listeners! We have been having the BEST summer here so far! If you have been following along with our summer themes on social media, you know we have been having so much fun dressing up like super hear-o’s, decorating stars to hang in the lobby, and watching Disney movies! We have also seen some great progress with our Interactive Metronome Home and HearBuilder Competitions. So far, the front runners are making big jumps ahead, but there is nothing but time! If you think you need to do more, then jump on your IM Home or HearBuilder and get in the lead! In the office, our SRO Competition has been nothing but fun! Our winners have been Aubrey, Eli, Colin, and Emma. Their top scores have been in the 160’s which is incredible! However, do not think it is too high – anyone can top anyone’s scores! Hard work is key so keep getting excited to come in the clinic and do your absolute best so YOU can win a special trip to the SRO treasure chest!

With all this talk about Interactive Metronome, we wanted to talk about some of the incredible success stories we have heard about IM recently. In particular, one of our friends, who we will call Johnny. Johnny came in last week for a re-evaluation. He has been doing Interactive Metronome at home for a while now which his parents said has made ALL the difference in the world. They told us how his progress in school has sky rocketed along with his athletic skills. While improving baseball scores is not always our immediate goal, it is awesome to see kids be so excited that something they are doing at home is helping with their skills on the baseball field. His parents were very thankful that they did not think of originally had helped in so many ways.

This praise is not the first of its kind we have heard. One of our friends earlier this year saw such immediate results while completing IM in the clinic, he begged his mom and dad to get a home unit. His parents were ecstatic he enjoyed it so much since they could tell a huge difference as well. They thought it helped his anxiety and overall mood especially when he did it before school in the morning. As the school year quickly approaches, we urge parents to take the time to notice what kind of effect Interactive Metronome makes on their child to see if it is something that could be beneficial at the beginning of the day.

One of the most common things we hear from parents about Interactive Metronome is that they notice how much calmer their children are after doing it. Whether it makes their more even tempered, more organized, less nervous or anxious, etc. we always hear positive things about the effects of IM especially in the classroom which is why we believe it is such an amazing tool!

Well that’s all for now Little Listeners! Remember to keep up with our social media this summer for updates about summer themes and upcoming events like new ways to dress up or days that we will be closed. Also, whenever you are in the office make sure to look at the white board to see the winners of our SRO Competition!

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