Masks and APD

Masks can negatively affect the ability of children to understand speech. This is due to masks distorting speech and preventing lip reading. Both factors make speech perception harder for children with APD. The two main ways of mitigating the effect of masks are the use of transparent masks and hearing/speech therapy. Transparent masks allow for lip reading to be used even with masks on. Hearing and Speech therapy acts to support and improve speech perception skills to counteract the negative influence from masks. More studies will need to be done to fully understand the pandemic’s impact on the speech and language development of our nation’s children (Charney et al., 2020). Regardless of the effect that masks have on speech perception, masks are a necessary tool during the pandemic to reduce transmission of the virus. Covid-19 Survivors can retain permanent damage to their bodies. So please stay safe.


Charney, S. A., Camarata, S. M., & Chern, A. (2020). Potential Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Communication and Language Skills in Children. Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, 0194599820978247.

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