Little Listeners Intern Takeover

Throughout the last five years here at Little Listeners, we have had the pleasure to host many interns. This past summer, there have been several interns working in the afternoons you have probably met as well. They have helped with countless projects such as monitoring competitions this summer, data analysis with Dr. Reeves, and scheduling appointments for all of our friends. Before our wonderful interns go off to do bigger and better things, they would like to say some things about their time here at Little Listeners.

My name is Lauren Casey, and I have been an intern at Little Listeners for about a year and a half. I have found Little Listeners to be so rewarding because I have been able to see how their business works as well as make connections with the amazing kids. Everyone at Little Listeners is so invested, engaged, and genuinely loves what they do. This internship has been one of the best parts of my high school career, and I am so glad I have had the opportunity to work here!


I’ve been at Little Listeners for almost a year now, and although that may not seem very long, it has made a huge impact on me in ways I never expected. I began at Little Listeners as an intern for a class at my high school, where I was looking forward to working in a clinic setting with unusual, but tested and effective, methods of treatment. Working here has led to realize the importance of Audiology and to understand how to work with children in a way that doesn’t belittle or bore them. I am grateful to the incredible women who work here, and I hope to repay them by teaching others what I’ve learned here. Thanks for letting me be part of your weekly schedule!


I interned with Little Listeners my senior year of high school, and I am so grateful to have learned from Dr. Reeves, her team, and the kids as well! Each day in the office was different, and I worked with kids of all ages – from infants to middle schoolers. The most memorable part of the experience was watching Dr. Reeves successfully run her own business in an environment she is passionate about. Once I started at UNC Chapel Hill in 2015, I furthered this interest in the business side of healthcare by studying both business administration and biology. I just graduated last month and am excited to move to Raleigh, North Carolina to work for a market research consultancy that focuses in healthcare/pharmaceutical primary research. My internship with Little Listeners definitely showed me the excitement that comes along with working in healthcare, and I hope to continue that excitement throughout my career!


“This is my second summer as an intern at Little Listeners and it has been such an incredible experience. I have been able to observe therapy sessions, research relevant topics for blog posts, and help facilitate office tasks. I feel that I am better equipped for my undergraduate studies as a Communication Sciences and Disorders major at the University of Kentucky. My understanding of the Audiology field has expanded as well as my leadership skills.”


We want to thank all of our amazing interns – past and present – for the wonderful times we have all spent together. As much as they have enjoyed working here, we have enjoyed them and appreciate their hard work and dedication even more. Hopefully, the lessons learned here whether it be business or healthcare related will be beneficial to them with all their future endeavors. We wish all our interns the best of luck wherever life takes them!


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